Local Answer to a Global Hype

Category: Thought Paper

Indian Supermarket sector is witnessing rapid influences of online trend. Major cities like Bangalore, Bombay, Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune are exposed to many experiments in this sector. The paper presents an analysis of these influences, attempts to reason out the phenomena and suggests a simple, but effective solution that can impact lives through its social innovation approach.

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Amazon's New Grocery Project vs Traditional Indian Grocery Supermarkets

Category: Article

Grocery needs are not usually a well thought out list like a holiday shopping list. While there is a bulk of grocery that is planned, people end up doing a lot of adhoc or impromptu shopping that is driven by families needs, last minute change of plans, forgotten to-dos. To drive to the nearest grocery store to fulfill the needs is a quick and easy way option than online shopping. However, online grocery shopping is convenient to get the chore out of the way.

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