Help Neighborhood stores go online

We are a social innovation and technology company. We see that the it takes a lot of effort, time and money to run an online grocery business successfully, online buying is growing popular by the day even across smaller cities and towns in India. While the customer wants the convenience of online buying, online businesses may not be sustainable in their current form and mode of operation. This issue can be addressed effectively by making use of local businesses. Read more about this in our thought paper

With our solution vGrocer, we are bringing solutions to the global demand of online shopping with local supermarkets. We enable neighborhood stores to go online. Our efforts do not end at bringing up the site for the store. It goes beyond to maintain the store with almost live updates to the inventory, advertising its promotions and offers, reporting and analysis.

Foster Entrepreneurship

Our efforts are channelized into making best use of technology to turn everyday life simpler. While our offerings are technology based, we work with individuals with entrepreneurial spirit. We help them learn, acquire adequate knowledge and pave their way to success as entrepreneurs.

Meet our team

  • Sujatha Upadhyaya

  • Seema Albal

  • Shrilekha Singh

  • Seema Shetty

  • Mamatha

  • Mounika U

  • Ruksana M

  • Neethu Thomas